Marella J. Lutes - St. Petersburg, Florida Artist
“From Sand and Surf, Rivers and Mountains, Sunrise to Sunset, may your
“piece” be found…… “Under The Sun”

Handcrafted Toxin-free Eco-Friendly One-of-a-kind Earrings with wood, resin, natural minerals, sand, shells,  hypoallergenic metals & Sterling Silver.

Coming from a small Artistic family with deaf parents, I am a Very Visual Person! Everything “Seen” is Art! Carrying on  my father’s legacy I embrace “Speak to you” works of art. Touching hearts and laughing at myself along the way.

Welcome to my studio. A place where with my hands I share my heart in every step of my creative process with  organizing, prepping, burning, hand-painting, sealing and/or use of toxic-free marine grade epoxy resin in a combination  of other elements that create chemistry in every piece. I try to ensure the quality and beauty is superb in the eye of the  beholder. Art is full of little imperfections that make it original and an enjoyable one-of-a-kind... just like YOU. I pride  myself in making my earrings and pendants weightless, "light as air"and hypoallergenic for complete wearable comfort.  There is so much under the sun, please choose a piece that "speaks to you". My mission is.... If I can bring a little joy,  happiness, and self-esteem to YOU, wearing a little piece of my heart, then my mission is a success! May your "piece"  be found.... Under The Sun. - Marella J. Lutes

Contact info:
if you would like to purchase a pair of these unique earrings they are available at: 
Great American Natural Products 4121 16th St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33703
(727) 521-4372